Windshield Repair Cost

Windshield repair cost will vary based on your location, the type of damage, and the size of the damage.  In most cases, a windshield repair is much more affordable than a windshield replacement.  If you just have a small crack, rock chip, or bullseye, it is usually much less expensive to have it repaired (and soon!) than to replace the windshield, especially if the damage is not in the driver’s direct line of sight. With a repair, you also don’t run the risk of a poor installation creating a water leak at the seal.

The short answer here is that a windshield repair cost can be as little as $20 in some areas if you take your vehicle to the auto glass shop and it is only a small chip that needs to be filled. Mobile service where they come to you will likely cost anywhere from $40-$85 for the same chip repair. For a larger crack, windshield repair prices will vary depending on your location and the size of the crack, but you can expect to pay $50 to $90.

Of course, if you want a really cheap windshield repair you could buy one of the repair kits for $15 or less and do it yourself.  For a relatively small chip or bullseye repair, it is possible to get nearly equal results as if you paid a professional to do it.  Notice I said “possible”, though.  The downside is that you don’t get a second chance, and if you don’t follow the instructions exactly or make a mistake, you could wind up with an unsatisfactory repair that can’t easily be undone.

There are several points you need to keep in mind when considering car windshield repairs as opposed to a replacement.  First and foremost is the safety factor.  If the damaged area is directly in the driver’s line of sight, it may not be advisable to repair the damage.

Most repairs will not be completely invisible and may be a distraction to the driver, especially at night when passing under street lights or when the headlight beams from an oncoming car pass by.  Most reputable auto glass repair shops will not repair damage that is in the driver’s direct line of sight.

Secondly, if the damage is too large or a crack has extended to the edge of the glass, the damage may not be repairable.  Generally, a bullseye, chip, or star break will be repairable as long as it is not much more than an inch in diameter.  Fixing a crack is a little different, because not all glass technicians have the same capabilities.  Shop around, because some companies can work with cracks up to 24 inches in length, but others can’t.  It depends on their equipment and expertise.

The third point to keep in mind is that car windshield repairs need to be done as soon as possible.  The longer you wait to get it fixed, the worse the damage will get, and the less satisfactory a results will be.  Over time, moisture and other contaminants will creep into the damaged area, which will make the repair more noticeable.  Also, cracks will spread as time goes by due to vibration and temperature changes, increasing your windshield repair cost.  If you wait too long, repairing the damage will no longer be an option, and you will have to replace the windshield.
Car windshield repairs are certainly more cost effective than replacement, as long as the damage is not too large, it is not in the driver’s direct line of sight, and you haven’t waited too long.  A repair also means that there is one less windshield in a landfill, too, so car windshield repairs are environmentally responsible!  If the damage isn’t in the driver’s direct line of sight, one of the DIY repair kits are fine for a cheap windshield repair. Otherwise, get windshield repair prices from two or three different glass companies to determine a true windshield repair cost in your area.


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